If Not Now, When?

By at 2 July, 2011, 14:02

I have waited Dined on ashes Swung from chandeliers and climbed Everest And none of it’s got me close to this I’ve waited all my life If not now, when will I? We’ve been good Even a blast, but Don’t you feel like something’s missing here? Don’t you dare I’ve waited all my life If […]



By at 14 May, 2011, 13:15

You would not believe your eyes If ten million fireflies Lit up the world as I fell asleep Cause they fill the open air And leave teardrops everywhere You’d think me rude, but I Would just stand and stare. I’d like to make myself believe That planet Earth turns slowly. It’s hard to say that […]



By at 19 April, 2011, 07:14

If you twist and turn away If you tear yourself in two again If I could, yes I would If I could, I would Let it go Surrender Dislocate If I could throw this Lifeless lifeline to the wind Leave this heart of clay See you break, break away Into the night Through the rain […]


The Hand That Feeds

By at 17 March, 2011, 10:17

You’re keeping in step in the line Got your chin held high and you feel just fine ‘Cause you do what you’re told But inside your heart it is black and it’s hollow and it’s cold Just how deep do you believe? Will you bite the hand that feeds? Will you chew until it bleeds? […]


Every Day Is Exactly The Same

By at 12 December, 2010, 12:36

I believe I can see the future Cause I repeat the same routine I think I used to have a purpose But then again That might have been a dream I think I used to have a voice Now I never make a sound I just do what I’ve been told I really don’t want […]