Wasted Reprise

By at 7 October, 2010, 04:31

I have faced it A life wasted I’m never going back again Having tasted A life wasted I’m never going back again I escaped it A life wasted By. Pearl Jam – Pearl Jam Album


Amongst The Waves

By at 18 September, 2010, 10:20

What used to be a house of cards Has turned into a reservoir Save the tears that were waterfalling Let’s go swim tonight, darling And once outside the undertow Just you and me, and nothing more If not for love, I would be drowning I’ve seen it work both ways But I am up riding […]


In Hiding

By at 19 November, 2008, 08:47

I shut and lock the front door. No way in or out. I turned and walked the hallway, and pulled the curtains down. I knelt and emptied the mouth of every plug around. But nothing’s sound. Oh, oh. Nothing’s sound. I stayed where my last step left me. Ignored all my rounds Soon I was […]



By at 11 July, 2008, 15:50

I see the world, feel the chill Which way to go, windowsill I see the worlds on a rocking horse of time I see the verse in the rain Ohh…ohh…ohh…ohh… Oh, dear dad, can you see me now I am myself, like you somehow Ill ride the wave where it takes me Ill hold the […]